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The first stop for any newcomers, and all the information members old and new alike could need! Here you will find things everyone should read before starting out, such as our rules and plot, as well as more detailed guides to the lore of Alagaesia so there's no need to have read the books and to get you up to speed on how we differ to the books.

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8 0 Apr 9 2017, 06:31 PM
In: Playable Races
By: Quetzal
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No New Posts Updates
All announcements will be posted here, old and new. Changes to the rules, maintenance notices, and the all-important plot updates can be found here. We'll do our best to make sure everyone knows when site-wide changes occur, but if you miss something you can find it here!

3 1 Jun 14 2017, 06:42 AM
In: IC Updates 1: Coronation an...
By: Quetzal
No New Posts Welcome and Support
Guest friendly. Post any questions or suggestions you have here. Don't be shy if you have a problem - we are always looking to improve and the only way to do so is to be made aware of our mistakes! If you're new to the site, you can also post here to introduce yourself to everyone and get to know your fellow members a bit better.

13 42 Aug 31 2017, 08:25 PM
In: Hi from Australia
By: Eraedin Nightstalker

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No New Posts Character Creation
Ready to create a character to explore Alagaesia? This is where you should post your character applications. The application form is in this board too, but all the information you need is in the Important Information board.

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5 2 Sep 6 2017, 06:39 PM
In: Kharzhrog [WIP]
By: Kharzhrog
No New Posts Character Files
The profiles of all the characters we currently have in play can be found here.

44 52 Sep 20 2017, 04:20 PM
In: Yvette Tábor
By: Quetzal
No New Posts Lists
All lists relating to characters - the canon list, face claim, who's who, and general census - are in this board. Once a character has been accepted, please post all your relevant claims so everything stays up-to-date!

5 25 Sep 25 2017, 08:47 AM
In: Open Threads
By: novindus
No New Posts Wanted
Does your character have a family member, love interest, enemy, whatever, you really want to see them interact with? Have a specific character in mind you want made? Looking for inspiration for a new character you want to make? This is the place to post your wanted ads for any characters you want to see. We'd recommend looking here first if you're stuck thinking of which character to make as making a character from a want ad means you're guaranteed some plots!

5 6 Sep 13 2017, 06:27 PM
In: Quetzal's Wanted
By: Quetzal
No New Posts Plotting
Have a browse through other shippers, post your own, or post in as many other shippers as you like. You can build relationships between characters both bad and good that you had not even thought of before, ask for more friends, enemies, lovers, and so on for your own characters, and get started finding new threads. A huge help for getting ideas and connecting with other members to start threads.

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24 82 Sep 21 2017, 12:33 AM
In: Wasting my young years
By: novindus
No New Posts Letters and Journals
The world is a big place. Keep in touch with people all over it by sending them a letter by courier, pigeon, or magic. Just remember of course you'll have to know where someone is to send them a letter, unless you trust someone to find them for you. Some people may keep journals too, in which case you can record your memories for your eyes only.

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No New Posts EVENT: The Coronation
Two weeks have past since the fall of the Broddring Empire. Things have finally settled for festivals celebrating the peace in ever town in Alagaesia, with Queen Nasuada's coronation in Uru'baen the highlight of the celebrations. In Uru'baen there is a tourney for all to enter, great feasts, with rich and poor gathered for miles around. If you can't make it to Uru'baen, there are still celebrations in every other town and city, just no other tourneys, though some small competitions.
8 60 Oct 18 2017, 05:30 PM
In: Gilt of Gold and Footprint ...
By: nasuada
No New Posts Palancar Valley
Being the home to the first humans ever to come to Alagaesia, Palancar Valley has a long history. A sleepy province where everything feels relaxed and peaceful, there is great beauty in the snug green lands with its lazy river tucked between mountains and hills. One of the most northern points of Alagaesia, it gets very cold in winter, but is still host to many farms and villages. Ruins can be found all over the place, left out of respect with mysteries forgotten to ancient history.

4 14 Aug 13 2017, 05:18 PM
In: Poisoned Wastelands
By: Eragon & Saphira
No New Posts The Spine
Mists cloak the feet of these heavily forested mountains, the earth rising ghostly above the mist. Heavy forest makes them dark. Even now the urgals have made their treaty the other races fear it and feel uneasy whenever the pass through them. Many men who venture too deep into the Spine never come back, and no one is sure why. The sole inhabitants are urgals who no longer harm the other races, instead leaving their competing to sport. This province along with the urgals have a real struggle ahead trying to prove themselves worthy of trust by the rest of the world.

3 33 Jun 9 2017, 09:43 PM
In: After the Fall
By: Gläolnis
No New Posts Gil'ead
Gil'ead is a rainy, gloomy land with the most connection to the elven province due to their shared border. Their primary means of income is fishing and hunting, the rivers, lake, and scattered forests ideal, rivers and relatively flat land making transport easy for the trade of hunted good and hunting tools. The city of Gil'ead is more miserable still, grey dull squarish buildings standing up against the rain. Weather is mild and winter is cold in their position, north but not that far north, getting warmer towards their eastern border with the Hadarac desert.

1 4 Aug 29 2017, 06:41 PM
In: Ghostly Interventions (Open...
By: Rosythe
No New Posts Dras-Leona
The province of Dras-Leona is pretty enough with its huge lake and pleasant weather. The city itself is an unorganised jumble of narrow alleyways and sorry-looking hand-built buildings surrounded by and spilling out of a wall of packed mud. Looming up over it is the giant evil-looking black spire of its cathedral, and even taller some distance outside the city is Helgrind, where the Raz'ac were worshipped until Eragon killed the last of their species. With the Raz'ac dead and the former province lord's wife and children returned, the province no longer under Galbatorix's control, development for a better city is under way.

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No New Posts Uru'baen
The capital city of Alagaesia and the largest. First built by elves, its spires of glass and stone rise high and elegant next to the fine more squat buildings made by humans more recently. The city suffered much damage from the Battle of Uru'baen which put an end to the civil war, many buildings around the gates and castle completely flattened, few totally unscathed. Work to rebuild the city is well underway with new residents from all races all over the kingdom bringing even more varieties of architecture with them. The surrounding lands making up the province are very green, heavily farmed and full of pretty villages and small towns. It is a prosperous area.

15 119 Yesterday at 05:20 pm
In: A Nanny and her Boy (Eragon...
By: Anise
No New Posts Teirm
Along the coastline, the province of Teirm is sheltered from the rest of Alagaesia by the Spine. It is sparsely populated. The small, cute, welcoming villages with dramatic views out to sea on one side, green mountains shrouded in mist on the other make its scenery breathtaking so long as you don't mind all the rain. The city of Teirm itself is well defended against pirates, a hub of naval activity famous for the white wall a hundred feet tall surrounding it with only two gates, and for the tall white lighthouse. The buildings are organised with roofs easy to run along and jump between.

7 60 Sep 16 2017, 09:37 PM
In: Planned Obstinacy
By: Mital
No New Posts Belatona
Belatona sits above Surda, warm climate making the land tough yet not too dry to farm. Many towns and villages fill the land trading with Surda and the dwarves. Being adjacent to the Beor Mountains, they have a lot of contact with the dwarves, sharing and developing methods of crafting over the centuries. Belatona is famous for its fine craftsmen. With a rolling landscape dotted with rocky mounds and sunlight stabbing down through the common cloud cover, there is a strength and elegance to the land, like sturdy dwarven towns given more delicate graceful human design. The city of Belatona stands proud high up a rocky outcrop looking down at the land below.

1 0 Aug 4 2017, 07:19 PM
In: Sneaking Animals into the L...
By: Thadelion
No New Posts Du Weldenvarden
The biggest forest in Alagaesia is more than capable of looking after itself. Anyone regardless of magical ability feels something in the air within its borders. Natural magic is deeply ingrained throughout the entire forest, its way of helping or hindering whomever it wishes making it seem to have a mind of its own. Those with dark hearts usually find themselves lost, while those of kindness and the elves easily find the elven cities. Most doubt we will ever know all the secrets the forest holds. Elven settlements are built with nature into the trees, the largest being the capital Ellesmera. They are all curious and beautiful places, though dimmer with leaves blocking the sun.

4 12 Jul 29 2017, 01:17 PM
In: the morning rise | OPEN
By: Arisala
No New Posts Hadarac Desert
Harshest of all the provinces with the smallest population to match despite it being the second largest. The sun beats down relentless on the endless stretches of dried rock, earth and sand, oppressively hot and much colder at night. It is said to be the birthplace of dragons though no one has found any likely exact location of origin. The few people surviving here are the wandering tribes, dark-skinned nomadic humans with extreme endurance. They mostly keep to themselves but several travel the world as traders, having the sharp wits to barter well.

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No New Posts Beor Mountains
The tallest mountains in Alagaesia rise up so high they have a constant covering of snow and the air is thinner at the top. They are the source of many rivers and have even more streams leading underground or to small lakes, the green but rocky terrain, tall waterfalls, and deep caves leaving much to explore. Dwarf cities cling to the mountainsides or are carved into them with windows peeking out of steep impassable cliffs. So strong is their position underground they would be practically impossible to invade.

3 6 Sep 25 2017, 08:43 AM
In: A million miles away
By: Visenya Starlight & Thordak
No New Posts Surda
A hot, dry land where not much but tough yellow grass and succulents can grow. This small kingdom is independent of Alagaesia, rich off trade between Alagaesia and the Varden during the civil war. Many of its rich merchant nobles have been calling for the expansion of their borders for their help with the war. It is nothing too grand to look at with its flat land and unvaried plantlife, but with its wealth showy buildings and great works of art have been appearing in the cities. It is the only place to emerge better off from the war.

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No New Posts Other Regions
The past, the future, 'what if's that can never be real, dreams, or other regions of the world, there's so much out there besides the provinces. Vroengard, other untouched islands, the lands to the north, east, and south, the great sea to the west, there's so much out there to be explored.

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Sit back, relax. Post whatever you want, play games, discuss the roleplay, show off lovely artwork, get to know the other members a bit better.

5 36 Aug 9 2017, 06:12 PM
In: Tomato Does Art
By: Tomato
No New Posts Absences
Going away for a little while? If you know you can't post for a while or just think your activity might drop a little, post here when you think you'll be back and which characters it will affect so we don't worry where you've disappeared to. No need to post a reason if you don't want to talk about it either.

10 28 Sep 19 2017, 04:30 PM
In: Going to see family
By: Nilanth Evental
No New Posts Advertising
Guest friendly. Feel free to advertise your site here.

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202 1 Nov 18 2017, 01:33 PM
In: Infidelis
By: IF Staff
No New Posts Archives
We won't delete any of the hard work our members have made. Instead it will all get moved here if someone leaves for whatever reason, to be read by whoever wants to and so that person can have access to everything they've done should they ever want to retrieve it. IC threads will be left in the respective board, so it's mostly applications, shippers, OOC threads, and the like that you'll find here.

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1 1 Apr 20 2017, 11:56 AM
In: Caelyn
By: Quetzal

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7th June 2017
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